Mission 1 – Improving and enhancing continually the knowledge of scientific and technical staff

1.    Promote and popularize fundamental knowledge of electronics through REV’s magazines (viz. Electronics, Computer Fan, Audio & Video), and others mass – media (REV has sections in Voice of Vietnam and Vietnam Television).

2.    Sponsor international exhibitions on Communications, Computers, Broadcasting in Vietnam. 

3.    Organize seminars on advanced communication technology in collaboration with the international scientific institutions (e.g., CNES, BNSC, etc.) and the world’s leading companies (e.g., Alcatel, France Telecom, Hughes, Matra Marconi Space, Lockheed Martin Telecommunications, Motorola, NEC, LG Electronics, etc.).

4.    Develop education and training of ICT at every level at various affiliations of REV:

Courses on ICT skills at basic and intermediate level: 

Given to computer-illiterates by IDEA.

Given by IEIT which grants to the graduates MET’s certificates of IT level A, B,or C 

Given at REV’s secondary school at Tay Ninh province (pupils receive simultaneously the secondary education program of MET and the vocational education program in Information Technology of REV).

Given by the ICT Vocational School established by Tay Ninh Computer Association

Given by CERTS of the Broadcasting Society

Intermediate technical education at the HCMC College of ICT, established by REH

Part-time programs of education at undergraduate level given by REV’s Center of Education in collaboration with Hanoi University of Natural Sciences, and VNUH’s College of Technology.

ICT conversion training programs, given by REV/CST to people who initially trained in other fields, want to become ICT professionals. The currently used training curriculum is conformed to the Japanese “Fundamental IT Engineer” skill standard.

CST gives also training conforming to ICDL (International Computer Driving License) standards, which is an internationally recognized qualification in IT literacy. 

Lectures, seminars at graduate level taught by foreign professors on advanced topics at REV’s summer courses.

Mission 2 – Deploy applications and bring scientific and technical progress rapidly into production

1.    As early as 1988, REV recommended the use of geostationary satellite for the transmission of radio and television program with the purpose of widening the coverage area of the Central Radio and Television network throughout the country.

In 1992 REV was invited by MOSTE to provide consultancy to select suitable regional satellite to lease for transmitting television programs.

In 1993, the Voice of Vietnam cooperated with REV to prepare Feasibility Study, write tender documents, and choose the most efficient digital signal compression technology to use satellite capacity and create highly – reliable transmission.

2.    In 1997, REV organized in collaboration with the Vietnamese Association of Information Processing (VAIP) a competition for domestically produced consumer electronics products.

3.    In 1998, REV organized a competition for domestically produced high-tech electronic products in computer, telecommunications, broadcasting, and remote sensing.

4.    In 1998 REH established the initial infrastructure of LINET, a wide area Intranet that links most of the scientific and technical associations of VUSTA

5.    In 1999, REV collaborated with Paul Sabatier University and other French organizations (MEDES, AEROSPATIALE-MATRA) to make pre-Feasibility Study and propose to the Vietnamese Government the foundation of a platform for Telemedicine in northern Vietnam.

Mission 3 – Provide consultancy to the CPV and State on scientific, technological, economic and social policies

1.    Recommendations to policy makers:  REV regularly organizes biennial Vietnamese Conferences on Radio-Electronics in order to: 

Survey the current state of development of advanced technology in developed countries; 

Review scientific and technological studies conducted in Vietnam; 

Provide advice on the trends of development, appropriate policies, and measures for national economic development.

Conclusions of each Conference are recapitulated by REV’s secretariat into recommendations, and then submitted to the Vietnamese Government.

Biennial Vietnam Conferences on Radio-Electronics 





REV ‘92

Hanoi, 25~27/11/1992

On the reorganization and improvement of Electronics and Computer Engineering education

REV ‘94

Ho Chi Minh City 11~12/11/1994

On the launch of a communication geostationary satellite for both civil and military use (Project VINASAT)

REV ‘96

Hanoi 17~18/10/1996

On a national program to modernize spectrum planning, management, and control.

REV ‘98

Hanoi, 12~13/12/1998

On the establishment of an Earth Station for receiving photographs from international Earth Observation Satellites

REV ’02



Panel discussion on the modernization of curriculum and method of education in ICT, leading to a new period of development in REV’s education activities

REV ‘ 04

28 ~29/11/2004

Providing to ICT strategy makers newest information on the trend of development of Network, Internet, Mobile Communication, Satellite Communication, Digital Video Broadcasting and the CCM convergence (Computer-Communications-Media), through 9 keynote speeches from 7 international delegations

REV ‘ 06


Establishment of the National Committee of Space Technology to coordinate activities of all Vietnamese organizations in various branches of space technology to realize the Vietnamese SP development Strategy

Make best use of ICT newest achievements to reduce the gap between rural and urban zones

From 2008 REV co-operated with IEEE/ComSoc to organize the international conference ATC/REV 2008. 

This is a form of Joint-Conference, to support each other in terms of information and to create favorable conditions for attendees and authors to attend simultaneously both the ATC and REV, but the purpose of each event is quite different:
ATC is an international conference; where the content of papers presented has not been published anywhere else, with keynote speeches introducing new ideas as well as new trends for the development of future communication technology. The language used is English.

REV-ECIT is a national conference to sum up the new achievements of Electronics, Communications science & technologies, and IT (REV-ECIT) all around the world (taking partly information from ATC) and in the country. Through the conference, attendees formulated recommendations submitted to the Vietnamese Government, to help leaders to make correct decisions and policies for the development of ICT in Vietnam. The languages used are both in Vietnamese and English (because there are also reports from foreign authors).  Of course the main theme, program committee, and conference proceedings of each event is different


Conference proceedings of ATC were listed as Portfolio Conference of IEEE Communications Society: http://wwwcomsocorg/conferences/portfolio-events and

The ATC conference proceedings are published in IEEExlore, e.g.:

• 2008:
• 2009:
• 2010:
• 2011:
• 2012:
• 2013:
• 2014:
• 2015:
• 2016:

ATC 2017 will be held at Quy Nhon, 18-20 Oct. 2017 (

REV-ECIT 2017 will be held at Ho Chi Minh city, 14-15 Dec. 2017 (

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