International IEEE-REV Conference on ATC

From 2008 REV co-operated with IEEE/ComSoc to organize the international conference ATC/REV 2008.

This is a form of Joint-Conference, to support each other in terms of information and to create favorable conditions for attendees and authors to attend simultaneously both the ATC and REV, but the purpose of each event is quite different:


ATC is an international conference; where the content of papers presented has not been published anywhere else, with keynote speeches introducing new ideas as well as new trends for the development of future communication technology. The language used is English.


IEEE-REV organizes the 10th ATC Conference in 2017.


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The REV-ECIT Online Proceedings are as follows:

• 2008:

• 2009:

• 2010:

• 2011:

• 2012:

• 2013:

• 2014:

• 2015:

• 2016:

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