National REV Conf. on ECIT

REV-ECIT (the national conference of REV on Electronics, Communications and IT) is a national conference to sum up the new achievements of Electronics, Communications science & technologies, and IT (REV-ECIT) all around the world (taking partly information from ATC) and in the country. Through the conference, attendees formulated recommendations submitted to the Vietnamese Government, to help leaders to make correct decisions and policies for the development of ICT in Vietnam.

The languages used are both in Vietnamese and English (because there are also reports from foreign authors).  Of course the main theme, program committee, and conference proceedings of each event is different


Started in 1992 as the 1st Conference, REV organizes the REV-ECIT Conference in 2017. In beginning, the conference was called “REV Conference”, since 2014 it has been called “REV-ECIT Conference”.


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