Speech of the 7th REV association president

Professor, Prof. Dr. Dang Vu Minh – President of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations

Mr. Pham Hong Hai – Deputy Minister of Ministry of Information and Communications – Presidium

The comrades of the Association

The precious guests

The whole Congress

First of all, on behalf of 39 members of the 7th Executive Committee, I would like to thank the delegates of the Congress for trusting us in the Executive Board of the 7th term (2018 – 2023) – The highest leading body. of the Association. We promise to unite with the working spirit: Responsibility, Efficiency, Professionalism for the Association’s development.

I would also like to thank the Congress for electing me to the Executive Committee and elected the President of the Association. Having this result, I was extremely touched when I received the trust of Prof. Nguyen Van Ngo, Prof. Dr. Sc. Do Trung Ta and Dr. Mai Liem Truc encouraged and introduced me to the Executive Board / Standing Committee of the 6th term; Thank you to the Leaders of the Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry of Home Affairs for their verification and approval to allow me to join the Executive Committee to elect the President of the Association; Thank you, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Binh – President of the 6th term, Mr. Doan Quang Hoan – Vice President, Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hong Vu – Vice President/ Secretary-General, Mr. Hoang Hong Duc – REV Member was very enthusiastic and responsible to solve procedures for personnel as well as procedures for our Congress to be deployed smoothly.

Being elected to the Executive Board / Standing Committee and holding the position of President of the Association, I see this is a great honor and it is also a heavy responsibility assigned by the Association. It is proud to have inherited the great achievements of the Association with 53 years of tradition and through 6 congresses with 30 years of construction and development. In fact, this is a tremendous asset that I and the 7th Executive Board inherited, namely:

The Association has assembled a large team of scientists, managers in both the state and private sector with high and enthusiastic qualifications for research, development and management in the field. Electronics – Telecommunications – Information Technology.

Many projects, projects and projects have been consulted and criticized by the Association for the Party and the State to serve effectively for the construction and defense of the country. These achievements have been praised by the Party, State and Ministries with noble rewards.

Many research works of the members of the Association with high quality Science and Technology have been highly appreciated and recognized by domestic and international Scientific and Technological Organizations. The annual conferences and seminars of science and technology have attracted many scientists both at home and abroad, this is a strong brand of the Association.

International cooperation is a strength of the Association, the Association signed a cooperation document with 8 international organizations and has a cooperative relationship with many large scientific and technological organizations of the region and the world. Especially, the Association has many years of close relationship with IEEE as a world-class academic organization, in order to have this cooperation effectively, it must affirm the role and reputation of professors, associate professors and doctors members of the Association, including the participation of young scientists.

In the current context, we are moving towards the Digital Age, seizing opportunities for advancing to the fourth industrial revolution whose core nature is to reach out to the former Public Science. technology in Electronics-Telecommunications-Information Technology; In front of our eyes, it is great, but the challenge is not small, to promote the 53-year tradition, commensurate with the size and prestige of the Association, I see the following major tasks need to be considered and implemented. :

Firstly, continue to promote the academic strength of the Association, further strengthen the consultancy and criticism with the Ministries, with the Government to have a voice in weight in proposing service technology orientations. for manufacturing Electronics Industry – Telecommunications – Information Technology in Vietnam,

Although there are many challenges, a fundamental advantage is that there is a great political determination from the Government, Prime Minister, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung: we must study, design, manufacturing electronic products – telecommunications – information technology in Vietnam. In addition to the efforts of the Association, I respectfully request the attention of the Ministry of Information and Communications and related ministries, Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations in timely information of war orientation. Combine, assign tasks and place orders with the Association.

Secondly, the Association needs to strengthen close cooperation with businesses, so that academic research works can solve the problems that businesses need. In order for this to require two-way cooperation between the Association and businesses, I would like to establish a cooperative mechanism for the Association – Business.

Thirdly: In today’s development career, human resources, especially high-quality human resources are an extremely urgent requirement, our Association is very proud to have gathered many prestigious Universities and Institutes credit on electronics-telecommunications-information technology in the whole country, the problem is how, how coordination mechanism and how is the bridge’s role to promote synergy, proper training the direction of the development of science and technology, meeting the needs of society.

Fourth: Today’s field of electronics-telecommunications-information technology can be confirmed as having appeared and is a demand, which is a requirement of all levels, sectors, fields and in life. People and the Association need to take measures to attract the participation of many people in society, especially small businesses (currently more than 40,000 small businesses in the field of Electronics – Telecommunications – Information Technology).

In order to successfully implement the Resolution of the Congress and the directing opinions of the leaders of the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, I call for the support of all members. The Association continues to contribute to the development of the Association, suggesting the members of the Executive Board / Standing Committee to uphold the spirit of solidarity, responsibility and promotion of the strengths of each individual to jointly bring our Association rapidly developing.

We wish the leaders, delegates and the entire Congress health, happiness and success.

Happy successful congress

Thank you very much.

Hanoi, November 24th, 2018

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