The 21st National Conference on Electronics, Communications and Information Technology

In the morning of December 14, 2018 at The authority of radio frequency management 115 Tran Duy Hung, The Radio and Electronics association of Viet Nam opened The 21st National Conference on Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (REV- ECIT 2018). With the theme: “Electronics, media and information technology in Vietnam towards the fourth industrial revolution”. This event is held every year and becomes a major forum to publish and present scientific reports of scholars in the electronics and telecommunications industry nationwide.

Speaking at the opening of the Conference of the President of the Association. Tran Duc Lai – Former Vice Minister – Ministry of Information and Communications said that the conference received 70 reports


Chairman Ph.D. Tran Duc Lai– Former Deputy Minister – Ministry of Information and Communicationsdelivered the opening speech of the Conference

After evaluation, 56 reports will be presented at the conference. A new feature of this year’s conference is that there will be a high-level forum and talks taking place on December 14th with many reports by leaders of big corporations and technology companies in Vietnam and presentation world, with the contents: IoT Platforms, foundation of industry 4.0; The role of AI in the 4.0 era; 5G – the future orientation for industrial revolution 4.0; Application of technology 4.0 in security and information security solutions; Training high quality human resources in electronics and telecommunications for a digital era; Transform network operating technology by combining IT and oT (IoT) in digital transformation; Understand customers based on machine learning models from telecommunications and social network communication data; Orientation of Vietnam electronics industry development – solutions and recommendations …

Speaking at the conference, Vice Minister of Ministry of Information and Communications Pham Hong Hai highly appreciated the efforts of the units that have coordinated to organize the conference with many related activities that are useful contributions and suggestions for the management of houses, build up mechanisms and policies to promote strong development of the whole economy.


Deputy Minister of Ministry of Information and Communications Pham Hong Hai  delivered the opening speech of the Conference

Vice Minister Pham Hong Hai also expressed his hope that from research topics, scientists and enterprises could propose orientations and create breakthrough policies to promote ICT industry for the country to grasp advancements into the 4.0 revolution as well as achieving sustainable development in the current context.

In order to seize this opportunity to promote economic development, there should be drastic changes in policies, increase investment and rational distribution of investment capital for technology development, especially telecommunications infrastructure information and IT, promoting human resource development. The Ministry of Information and Communication and related agencies should urgently study and advise the Government to consider and agree to issue a policy framework, creating a legal corridor for this sector to develop and promote development of the whole economy.

REV-ECIT Conference 2018 will end on December 15th. On the sidelines of the conference, the Organizing Committee has collaborated with exhibitors to introduce some typical products in related fields researched and developed by domestic enterprises. The exhibition has attracted a lot of people interested in breakthrough technology products.

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